Monopoly seeks online vote on tokens

Singapore fans of board game Monopoly who are fretting over which one of its iconic tokens will be dropped under a recently announced revamp, can now have an online say.

The owners of the 78-year-old board game, American-based Hasbro, are replacing one of the eight tokens with a more modern one.

It is getting rid of one from this selection: the car, thimble, boot, scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron and wheelbarrow. The proposed replacement is one of these: robot, ring, cat, helicopter and guitar.

Hasbro has launched a Facebook campaign called "Save Your Token". Fans worldwide are encouraged not to leave the fate of their favourite tokens to chance by voting for the one they want to keep at

Voting ends Feb 6, noon (Singapore time). You can also vote for your favourite new token. Results come out that same day.

The tokens are used to represent players as they move around the board, buying and trading property.

Singaporean Mr Gabriel Leow, 27, co-founder of Play Nation, a board and console games cafe here, says of the tokens: "My mother made us iron our own school uniform and I really hated it as a child, so when I saw the iron it was a big turn-off."

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