MOH providing H7N9 health advisories to travellers at Changi Airport

Health advisory notices will be handed out at airports here by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to alert travellers to the new H7N9 bird flu in China and the Sars-like coronavirus in the Middle-East. This comes as the number of H7N9 cases in China continues to rise.

"The Ministry has decided to take additional measures, especially in view of the upcoming school holidays where Singaporeans are likely to travel abroad," said a MOH spokesman, adding that the health notices will be given out to people returning from affected areas starting on Saturday.

The notices will advise travellers to look out for signs of flu, such as fever and cough. Those ill with such symptoms should seek medical help early. Travellers should also report their travel history to doctors, particularly if they have been to the following areas in China: Anhui, Beijing, Henan, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang. As of April 18, four Singaporeans who fell ill after returning from China were picked up by public hospitals. Tests however showed that they did not have the H7N9 virus.

Those who have visited to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, where cases of a the coronavirus are reported, should also be vigilant, said MOH in a statement on Friday.