MOH forms work group to develop framework for community nursing

SINGAPORE- The Ministry of Health has formed a work group to map the core competencies for community nursing and develop a framework for the sector.

Announcing his ministry's move at a home healthcare conference on Saturday (Aug 20), Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said that this is a first step towards developing future training and career pathways for nursing in home and community-based care as a key track within the profession.

"We will be engaging key nursing leaders to develop the framework further," he added. 

He highlighted the work group as an effort to grow and develop manpower capabilities in home-based care.

Speaking to the 150 nurses, doctors and policy administrators gathered at the National Heart Centre for the conference organised by Home Nursing Foundation, Mr Gan said that ageing in place- the ability to live independently and comfortably at home or in a community- is still what seniors in Singapore prefer.

In 2015, about 60 nurses and allied health professionals from Home Nursing Foundation made about 38,000 home visits, he said.

Other than manpower, he mentioned four areas where Singapore has stepped up efforts to ramp up home-based care.

They are:

1. Increasing capacity of home care services to make care more accessible

2. Expanding the diversity and range of home care services

3. Ensuring home and community care services remain affordable

4. Leveraging on technology to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of home care