Mendaki Club forms new group to help train youth mentors

Those who mentor youths must have the skills, not just the heart. That was why 25-year-old Faridah Saad and three others decided to set up MakingMentors - a group that trains mentors and prepares them for problems they might face.

MakingMentors is a project under Mendaki Club's Leadership Incubator programme, which started in January this year. Projects under the programme were shared with Mendaki Club members at its Professional Outreach Day on Saturday afternoon.

At the event, Minister for Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim also launched an app which will allow Mendaki Club's 300 members to share "high-value" job opportunities with each other.

"This will create an opportunity for professionals to give back to the community without taking too much of their time, and provide guidance and pointers to job seekers," Dr Yaacob said.