Medishield Life 'mini-movie' tugs at the heartstrings

SINGAPORE - What is love?

The answer may be found in a video making the rounds on social media titled Love Of A Lifetime.

The tearjerker, featuring veteran Singaporean actress Li Yinzhu, is a promotional video for Medishield Life, and was commissioned by the Pioneer Generation Taskforce, a group set up to raise awareness about health-care benefits for Singapore's pioneers.

It is the first time the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) is using the format of a "mini-movie" to reach Singaporeans, said Ms Karen Tan, senior director of the public communications division at MCI.

The video has garnered close to 400,000 views and exceeded 5,000 shares, she added.

Most Facebook users commented that it was touching, though some joked that it was too mushy for a public service message.

Facebook user Pauline Zhou commented: "This hits all the right notes. Good production."

Posted on the Facebook page this week, the three-minute short film is directed by Roslee Yusof, co-founder of production company Freeflow Productions.

In it, the tender love story of an elderly couple is told in flashbacks as the husband lies in coma in hospital and his wife (played by Li Yinzhu) cares for him.

Roslee said: "When I go to a hospital, I hardly see death or sickness. Instead, what moves me is that I usually see love and devotion to family.

"I hope that when people see this film, they take some time to cherish and express their love to the people that matter to them."

Ms Tan said that it is "based on the theme of everlasting love, just as how MediShield Life provides lifetime protection".

"Through the anguish, hope and steadfast love of the wife, we hope to create a memorable picture and deep impression of what MediShield Life can do to help in our times of need," the public communications director added.

The video will also be aired on TV, selected cable channels and cinemas.