McDermott donates bonus to charities

Pocket money fund one of three beneficiaries picked by oil rig team

A TEAM from an engineering company which worked smart and finished an oil rig project ahead of schedule was rewarded with a fat bonus from its grateful client.

But instead of splitting the money among themselves, the team from McDermott Asia Pacific chose to help children from low-income families here, specifically those who receive monthly disbursements from The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

Two other charitable causes also received money from the team.

McDermott, which received an extra US$100,000 (S$125,000) for completing the Su Tu Vang Project in Vietnam quickly, on Monday handed a cheque for US$25,000 to Ms Bertha Henson, the organising chairman of the School Pocket Money Fund at Singapore Press Holdings' News Centre.

The project director for Su Tu Vang, Mr Anwar Ali, said: 'We were gratified to receive the extra bonus from the client, and decided that it would do more good to help the community in need, rather than divide it among our staff, who selflessly agreed to support the less fortunate.'

He added that the School Pocket Money Fund was chosen as the team could relate to the philosophy of helping children from low-income homes with pocket money for food and transport.

The two other causes which also benefited from the bonus were the McDermott-initiated Batam International Charity (BIC) and the President's Challenge.

BIC, which helps the needy in the Indonesian island of Batam, received US$50,000.

Officially registered as a charity in 2008, it puts money into building orphanages. It has built 49 so far and housed more than 3,000 orphans. It funds its projects largely through an annual golf tournament organised by McDermott employees.

The remaining US$25,000 will go to the President's Challenge, which raises funds for the needy through community- driven activities.