Marina Bay Sands raises $3.6 million for local non-profit organisations

The Marina Bay Sands (MBS) raised $3.6 million in its first three-day charity event to benefit local non-profit organisations, exceeding its initial target of $3 million.

Named the Sands for Singapore Festival, the charity drive featured various activities such as a charity walk, charity auctions and gala dinners. "This year's Sands for Singapore Festival was a huge success," said MBS chief executive officer and president George Tanasijevich. "We have demonstrated the spirit of giving back to the local community, through a strong combination of active volunteerism and generous donations from fellow Singaporeans and our overseas visitors."

This year's Heartstrings Walk, co-organised by Community Chest and the MBS, attracted the highest sign-up rate ever with over 7,200 people taking part for its charity fun walk. The walk, held at the Marina Bay also raised a record-setting amount of $1.35 million. In addition, MBS donated ticketing proceeds from some of its attractions to the Community Chest.

Sands for Singapore also donated $1 million to the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Endowment Fund. The Government will provide a matching grant of 1.5:1 for this endowed donation, resulting in a contribution of $2.5 million to the endowment fund. It is expected to benefit some 400 ITE students and will be used for financial aid to enrichment programmes.

The festival also featured an event where local non-profit organisations pitched ideas to secure funding from banks and small and local medium enteprises. The Alzheimer's Disease Association secured the highest funding of $111,000 from the event.

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