Manager who planted spy camera in ex-girlfriend's bedroom jailed 5 months

A JEALOUS man planted a spy camera in his former girlfriend's apartment - then posted an online clip of her naked and kissing her new lover.

Wong Kong Wai, 39,was jailed for five months on Tuesday for housebreaking, transmitting obscene material and insulting a woman's modesty. He had pleaded guilty in April this year.

A district court heard then that at 3pm on Sept 5 last year, he sneaked in using a spare key she hid in the shoe cabinet outside her apartment for emergencies. A manager at Samsung Chemicals, he then planted a camera among some soft toys near her bed. Wong - who had broken up with the woman three months earlier - wanted to find out if she was having sexual relations with another man.

The next day, he returned to her house and retrieved the camera. He became depressed after viewing the video footage of her kissing her new boyfriend.

On Sept 8, he uploaded the video clip on a website using a bogus account. However, he blurred the faces of the couple so that they could not be identified. A few hours later, he sent her a text message, saying he wanted to come over and show her an obscene video of her on the Internet. As the name of the account holder who uploaded the video was similar to that of her new boyfriend, she got him to come over. She also called the police about the obscene video and said that the two most likely suspects were with her at that moment.

Investigations commenced and three days later, Wong surrendered himself to the police and confessed.

In passing sentence, District Judge Lee Poh Choo said: "This is a common story of a failed relationship, where the couple did not live happily ever after. For the accused - a respected and responsible professional - to react in this manner and to commit these offences is disturbing."

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