Man sentenced to two weeks jail for use of criminal force on taxi passenger

A freelance dance instructor was sentenced to two weeks' jail on Wednesday for forcefully grabbing the arm of a woman taxi passenger.

Felix Huang Sze Thian, 31, who pleaded guilty to using criminal force, was driving a car past Sim Lim Square in Rochor when he overtook a taxi and moved into his lane at a speed of about 20kmh on Sept 27 last year.

Cabby Ismail Kassim Bharoocha, 65, who was ferrying Ms Caroline Constance Lim, 46, flashed his headlights and sounded his taxi horn at Huang.

Suddenly, the car jerked to a stop infront of the cab, forcing the driver to jam abruptly.

Other road users started sounding their horns as the two vehicles were obstructing traffic, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Benny Tan Zhi Peng.

Mr Tan said Huang got down and approached Mr Ismail's taxi, shouting and accusing the driver of cutting dangerously into his lane earlier. He demanded the cabby's particulars but Mr Ismail refused to give.

Ms Lim used her mobile phone to take a photograph of the confrontation, The flash caught Huang's attention. He flung open the door closest to the victim and shouted at her. He then grabbed Ms Lim on the arm and tried to pull her out but she resisted and shouted at him to let her go.

Huang then released the victim and slammed the door shut. Mr Ismail reversed his taxi and drove away.

A second charge of punching the cabby in the arms twice was considered during his sentencing. Huang is appealing.

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