Man jailed for punching cabby and fined for mischief

A chef who punched a taxi driver repeatedly on the face was jailed for two weeks and ordered to pay the victim $3,500 on Tuesday.

American Garfield Gordon Angove III, 38, who pleaded guilty, was unemployed at the time of the attack on Mr Chua Poh Soon outside Lucky Chinatown along New Bridge Road on May 25.

He was fined $1,000 for mischief. He also admitted kicking a motorcycle outside Lucky Chinatown, causing it to fall and hit a taxi that evening. He had made restitution of $500 to both the motorcyclist and cabby for the damage caused.

A court heard that Mr Mohammad Fariz Muhammad Yusman, 23, had parked his motorcycle outside the shopping mall to buy food nearby. As he was returning, he saw Angove standing up from behind the bushes near the motorcycle.

When he sat on his motorbike, Angove grabbed hold of him and asked "you want me to give you''. Mr Fariz pushed his hand away and both got into a dispute.

Just then, taxi driver Seah Hock Tean, 57, was dropping off a passenger when he saw the dispute.

Angove swung his fist at Mr Fariz who managed to dodge it. He then kicked the motorcycle causing it to topple on its side onto Mr Seah's taxi.

Angove charged at Mr Fariz and chased after him. He then flagged down Mr Chua's taxi and got in. Mr Fariz and Mr Seah shouted at the 57-year-old not to drive away and Mr Chua wanted to get out but was prevented from doing so by Angove who stood outside the driver's door. Angove then held Mr Chua by the shoulder and punched him repeatedly, causing him to bleed in the mouth.

The victim had two cuts on his mouth and given a week's medical leave.

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