Man jailed for molesting Indonesian maid

A technician was jailed for 22 months on Thursday after he was found guilty of six charges of molesting and insulting the modesty of an Indonesian maid.

Ibrahim Mahamad, 51, had claimed trial to three charges each of outrage of modesty and insulting the modesty of the 24-year-old domestic worker hired by his daughter's mother-in-law.

He was convicted of the 2011 offences after an 11-day trial which was heard last year.

The offences he was convicted of included hugging and kissing the maid, squeezing her breast and buttock, and using his mobile phone to record her while she was bathing.

Following the shower incident on July 14 that year, she decided to run away as she could no longer tolerate working at the household.

The defence proposition was that the maid was actually working happily at the household and had formed a bond with Ibrahim's family members.

Despite this, she suddenly turned ungrateful and framed six elaborate lies against him two months later so that she could extract monetary compensation before going home as she was homesick.

District Judge Eugene Teo said there were some clear difficulties with the proposition.

"Central is what made her suddenly become so spiteful against you and your family even though you all had shown her such hospitality. There was no triggering event in the evidence,'' said the judge.

He said he had serious concerns about Ibrahim's credibility and reliability as a witness, and added that it was an "obviously strained account''.

The grandfather of three could have been jailed for up to three years and/or fined on each molestation charge; and up to 18 months and/or fined for each count of insulting modesty.