Man jailed for kicking and damaging taxi's side view mirror

A deliveryman who kicked the side view mirror of a taxi and twisted it till it was completely detached was jailed for two weeks on Friday.

Danny Peh Wee Hoe, 30, pleaded guilty to committing mischief at the traffic light junction of Still Road and Koon Seng Road at about 1.25am on May 19 this year. He has made full restitution of the damage costing $2,291.

A magistrate's court heard that taxi driver Lay Tuck Ngar, 52, was ferrying a passenger and exiting the East Coast Expressway when he saw a van coming in from the East Coast Park Service Road without slowing down. He thus gave way to the van. Further down the road, just as the taxi was about to negotiate a bend, Mr Lay noticed the van driving very close to his cab on the left lane.

When both vehicles came to a stop at the traffic lights at the intersection between Still Road and Koon Seng Road, Peh got down from his van and kicked the side view mirror of the taxi. He then twisted it till it was completely detached and threw it before driving off.

Investigation showed that Peh had done so because he was still feeling angry at an earlier argument he had with his wife, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Carene Poh.

When he noticed the taxi was travelling beside his van for some distance, he felt angrier and decided to vent his anger on the taxi.

He could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined.

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