Man jailed 12 weeks for hitting wife with bike exhaust pipe

A safety coordinator who hit his wife with a motorcycle exhaust pipe and broke her collarbone and left finger was jailed for 12 weeks on Thursday.

Inderjit Singh Bhagh Singh, 36, admitted to hitting Ms Amrita Dubey Hridai Narain Dubey, 26, with a 50cm-long pipe twice at his home in Woodlands on July 27, 2012.

He was fined $2,000 after admitting to using abusive words on a police sergeant along the corridor of Block 576 Woodlands Drive 16 on Jan 2 this year.

A district court heard that Inderjit returned home drunk at about 1 am on July 27, 2012 and woke his wife up. He asked for her mobile phone, but Ms Amrita refused to give it to him. He scolded her and kept asking her who she was having an affair with, but she persistently denied having an affair.

In anger, he took the motorbike exhaust pipe from the top of the cupboard and asked her again who she was having an affair with.

When she again denied it, he said: "Don't lie!'' and struck her once on her shoulder with the exhaust pipe. He asked her again, and to avoid being hit by him again, she admitted having an affair.

He continued to scold her and angrily swung the pipe on her head. She raised her left hand to protect her head and her hand was hit.

He later took her to the hospital.

Three days later, when Inderjit had left for work, Ms Amrita left home and went to her mother, who called the police.

In the other case, the court heard that Inderjit and his friend were drinking and playing drums at his home to celebrate the New Year. When the police came and asked them to lower their volume, both Inderjit and his friend refused, arguing that they had the right to blast music at his house.

Inderjit then swung open the metal gate and challenged Sgt Benjamin Cheah Fook Yeong, 23, to go into his house but the officer did not do so. Inderjit and his friend later cornered the cop who warned them repeatedly not to go closer.

When they did not heed his third warning, Sgt Cheah drew out his taser and held it at the side. Inderjit then shouted vulgarities at Sgt Cheah, who arrested him.

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