Man gets eight years of corrective training for $31,400 break-in at antique shop

A man who broke into an antique shop and stole $31,400 worth of property to take revenge on its owner was sentenced to eight years' corrective training on Wednesday.

Ahmad Hashim, 52, stole an assortment of jewellery, watches and old currency notes and coins.

A week earlier he had visited Permata Bumi in Jurong West Street 41 to try and get a ring made with a stone he had.

When the owner, Mr Salim Buang, 62, quoted him $120 for the job, Ahmad tried to negotiate the price but Mr Salim refused to drop the quote and Ahmad felt he was behaving arrogantly towards him.

Ahmad left the shop fuming, a court heard, and at 2am on Aug 11 last year he could not sleep as he was still thinking about Mr Salim's behaviour.

He went back to the shop and decided to break in and steal things to get his own back. The court heard that he climbed on top of one of a yellow rubbish container and pulled at the rusty iron grilles in front of the ventilation window, forcing them to break.

He then broke a piece of plywood covering the window and went inside, placing the stolen items in three bags before heading home.

Later that day he asked an antique shop owner at Jurong East Avenue 1 if he was interested in buying the old currency, or knew any other shops that were.

He left his mobile number and a short while later, the owner called him back. When Ahmad returned to the shop he was arrested by police.

The court heard that Ahmad had been given eight years' corrective training in 1988 for housebreaking and other property offences.

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