Man fined for giving false info about kidnapping to police

A man escaped a jail sentence for making a false report that his girlfriend had been kidnapped by loansharks who had asked for a ransom. Chiang Sing Poon, 60, a divorced father of four, was fined $4,000 after admitting to giving false information to the police last July 5 that Ms Sheng Guofang, 37, had been kidnapped, beaten and locked up.

The court heard that Chiang, a platform supervisor of an oil rig, was at his office in Jakarta when he called the police.

He claimed that his girlfriend had called him five minutes earlier and said she had been kidnapped by a group of loansharks the day before.

He further said he did not know her whereabouts and that the loansharks had demanded $90,000 for her release. When police tracked her down, they found her at home with her children. She said she did not call Chiang and neither had she been locked up.

Defence counsel Alfonso Ang said in mitigation that his client was cohabiting with Ms Sheng whom he met through friends in 2001.

He said Chiang supported her and her children, gave her $2,000 to $3,000 a month, financed two properties in China amounting to about $202,000, a $200,000 HDB flat and her facial business in Toa Payoh.

Mr Ang said Chiang was completely besotted with Ms Sheng and was doing everything he could to ensure she was taken care of, was pampered and mostly importantly, was safe.

When he was unable to contact her for a month before July 3, 2012, he called the police out of concern, the lawyer added.

He argued for a fine saying the offence was in the lowest category of mischief. Further, there was no aggravating factor and Chiang was very remorseful for his transgression.

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