Man fined $3k for biting girlfriend's daughter on the chest

A security manager got drunk and bit the 14-year-old daughter of his girlfriend on the chest on Oct 19 last year. The 30-year-old pleaded guilty to causing hurt to the secondary school student on Wednesday and was fined $3,000 by a district court. He cannot be named as it could lead to the identification of the victim, who is a minor.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Vincent Ong told the court that the offender was staying with the victim, her two-year-old brother, her mother and her aunt in Ang Mo Kio flat. After finishing the night shift at 6am on Oct 19, the man went to a nearby pub and polished off two bottles of Scotch whisky with his friends.

Upon his return to the flat at 9am, the aunt advised him to shower and go to bed. He took offence and screamed obscenities at her. He also hurled an electric fan at a wall. He then picked up the younger child and in the process fell backwards on the sofa. Concerned that her brother could end up injured, the teen tried to take the toddler away but the man, who was then lying on the sofa. grabbed her. A scuffle ensued and she got his head in an arm lock with her left arm. He then bit down hard on her left breast.

Asking the court to impose a fine and not a jail term, defence counsel S. Radhakrishnan said that his client is undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction.

The lawyer also said that the teen had forgiven her attacker and they are still living together with no further problems.

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