Make a date with pangolins

Don’t miss the chance to meet these critically endangered animals and learn about them at Singapore Zoo and Night Safari this month

Join WRS in scaling up the love for Pangolins this March. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

For the past decade, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), the organisation that manages Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari and Singapore Zoo has been doubling up its efforts to rehabilitate rescued pangolins in Singapore before releasing them into the wild. But they can do so much more with your awareness and help to keep the pangolins safe on our sunny island.

The Sunda pangolins native to Singapore. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Before you make a date with these adorable animals, here are five things you should know to get acquainted with them.

Sandshrew, I choose you!

A real-life Sandshrew at the Singapore Zoo. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Did you know that the adorable ground Pokémon Sandshrew was inspired by pangolins? Similar to their scaly Pokémon counterpart, they burrow, enjoy sandy soil, and curl up into a solid armoured ball as defence.

In 2017, an abandoned Sunda pangolin was rescued and aptly named Sandshrew. It has since been released back into the wild, making it Singapore's first baby pangolin hand-reared and rehabilitated for release.

Join in the fun at the Saving Pangolins Activity Stations to experience what it feels like to be on the care team and how the rescued pangolins are cared for. Earn yourself an exclusive pangolin pin after completing all the stations!

One of the Saving Pangolins Activity Stations at the Singapore Zoo. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Date: March 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31
Venue: Frozen Tundra, Singapore Zoo
Time: 10am - 4pm

They are closer to home than we realise.

There are only eight species of pangolins in the world that are found in Africa and Asia. Sunda pangolins are actually native to Singapore, with only a few left in the wild. Although they live mainly in nature reserves and adjacent nature parks on the mainland, they can also be found on the islands of Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong.

Find out more on What We Are Doing for Pangolins and how you can play a part in protecting these critically endangered species.

Informative boards on What We Are Doing For Pangolins. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Date: March 2 - 31
Venue: Frozen Tundra, Singapore Zoo and Entrance Courtyard, Night Safari
Time: Available daily during operating hours

It is the world's most unique mammal.

The pangolin is the only mammal in the world covered in scales from head to toe. Its scales alone made up about 20 per cent of its body weight. Similar to our hair and nails, a pangolin's scales are made of keratin.

With no teeth, it cannot chew. Pangolin uses its long, sticky tongue, which is longer than its body, to dig into ant nests to feast on them. A pangolin can consume almost 73 million ants a year.

Get acquainted with pangolins and their trusty keepers who will answer any questions you have about the animals at the Pangolin Keeper Interaction Sessions.

Interacting with the zookeeper to learn about the pangolins. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Date: March 2 - 31
Venue: Pangolin Exhibit along Fishing Cat Trail, Night Safari
Time: 8.30pm

That's how they roll.

Pangolin is derived from the Malay word, "'penggulung'", which means roller. They literally roll up when they sense danger.

Find out more about the interesting quirks of this animal at the Meet a Pangolin sessions. Pre-registration is required.

Meet the pangolins up-close at the Singapore Zoo. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Date: March 8, 15, 22 and 26
Venue: Singapore Zoo
Time: 8.30pm

You will want them on your 'gram.

Join WRS in the Pledge for Pangolins. Like their Instagram post and share it on your Instagram with #TogetherForWildlife. For every post with #TogetherForWildlife recorded in March 2019, WRS will pledge $1 towards wildlife conservation. Remember to tag two of your friends and keep your profile public so that your pledge can be seen.

Or, if you are visiting Singapore Zoo, you can pledge to protect pangolins at the pledge wall too. Write down one thing you want to do for pangolins on a paper scale, with every scale hung on the pangolin, WRS will pledge $1 towards wildlife conservation.

Write down your pledge on the paper scales. PHOTO: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

Together, let's scale up our love for pangolins this March.

Visit the Wildlife Reserves Singapore website for more information on the various programmes.

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