Majority of diabetes patients believe their quality of life has suffered

The psychological burden of diabetes remains high despite better understanding and management of the disease, according to a recent surve by pharmaceutical group Bayer.

The study involved 150 diabetes patients and caregivers. More than 70 per cent believe that they have to give up or have given up many things in life, such as their favourite hawker food and physical activities, because of the disease.

There is a strong association between poorly-controlled diabetes and depression, which in turn can create significant obstacles to effective diabetes management.

"The psychological burden of diabetes remains as many still see diabetes as a life sentence...A mindset change is needed: to celebrate a better life," said Diabetic Society of Singapore President Yong Chiang Boon.

Early detection of diabetes is also a crucial step to managing diabetes, said Parliamentary Secretary for Health Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim at the World Diabetes Day event organised by Diabetes Society of Singapore on Sunday.

"In Singapore, about half of all people with diabetes are unaware of their condition," he said, urging those who are overweight or have a family history of diabetes to go for regular screening.

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