Low Thia Khiang: Vote for Lee Li Lian to strengthen WP

Workers' Party (WP) chief Low Thia Khiang and the party's candidate Lee Li Lian on Sunday urged Punggol East residents to strengthen the opposition party by voting in one more WP MP into Parliament.

A stronger WP would make a difference to the lives of Singaporeans, especially voters of the single-seat ward, by pushing the Government to work harder, said Ms Lee.

Their pitch was a direct response to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's recent call to voters not to vote tactically but according to what they believe in.

Asked to comment on this call at a Sunday morning walkabout at Rivervale Plaza, Mr Low said he would deal with the topic at the party's next rally.

But he added: "I noted what PM said, and I would urge the Punggol East voters and residents to vote for Lee Li Lian and send her into Parliament to strengthen the WP."

Ms Lee said: "We would still continue to add on to the voice, add on to the strength, One more WP MP means we have more voice, more airtime and more questions to ask, that would definitely make a difference."

Referring to the Government, she said the WP would "be able to push them harder".

If she was voted into Parliament, she would speak up on topics such as the high cost of living, welfare for the elderly, and family-related issues.

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