Lorry driver jailed for causing cyclist's death along Loyang Avenue

A Chinese national, who negligently caused the death of a cyclist along Loyang Avenue, was jailed for four weeks on Monday. Former lorry driver Wang Weiguan, 31, was also banned from driving for five years.

He had admitted to causing the death of Mr Freddy Khoo Boon Hai, 48, a bank employee, at about 6.50am on Aug 18 last year. Wang failed to keep a proper lookout ahead while travelling straight along the left lane of the road, resulting in the lorry hitting Mr Khoo's bicycle, and causing his death.

Mr Khoo, an avid triathlete, was cycling behind two other friends in a single file at a distance of about 1.5m between each bicycle when he was hit. Wang had failed to notice Mr Khoo's and in his friends and in his panic, he tried to swerve to the right but could not avoid colliding with Mr Khoo.

The other two cyclists - Mr Eugene Low Ju-Sen, 37, and Mr Kevin Quek Weng Yew, 26 - were flung off their bicycles.

As Wang changed to the right lane and stopped his vehicle, he could feel the deceased's bicycle being dragged along the ground underneath the lorry. He could also feel the lorry "running over something''. The vehicle finally came to a stop after moving a distance of at least 28m.

Mr Khoo suffered severe injuries and was pronounced dead about 11/2 hours later.

A second charge of causing hurt to the two cyclists by doing an act so negligently as to endanger life was considered during his sentencing.