Look! We are on the front page

STAR carnival-goers on Sunday made the front cover of The Straits Times - the mock Straits Times, that is.

For a $15 donation to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, they had their photos taken by Straits Times photojournalists and printed onto a mock newspaper cover.

By the day's end, more than 30 had done so, raising at least $450 for the fund, which provides support for underprivileged children.

Ms Saliza Azizan, 38, was one who did. Her children Zain Sani, 12, and Izah Wirdani Sani, 14, gleefully posed for photos by photojournalist Neo Xiaobin.

'Izah loves photography and encouraged her brother to do this,' her mother said.

Ms Lydia Tan, a business development vice-president in her late 30s, said: 'It's a good opportunity to capture the moment - especially as Gardens by the Bay just opened, too.'

Besides the Page One photos, several carnival-goers also had caricatures drawn by the newspaper's award-winning artists.