Local artistes release music video in honour of former president S R Nathan

Local singer and composer Clement Chow with Mr S R Nathan. PHOTO: CLEMENT CHOW SZU PING/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Local singer and composer Clement Chow has released a new music video, A Man Of The People, in remembrance of the late former president S R Nathan.

The 3½-minute video went live on his Facebook page on Friday (Aug 26).

The video and song features singing from local talents both veterans and new, including jazz singer Alemay Fernandez, comedian Suhaimi Yusof, rapper Masia One and former Singapore Idol contestant Beverly Morata.

Chow wrote the lyrics and music and arranged the songs, with help from his son, Benjamin Chow, in a matter of hours early on Tuesday.

The song was then recorded over two sessions at the School of Music and the Arts and music studio MVLi. Creative studio Little Red Ants filmed the sessions and produced the music video,which was completed on Friday morning.

All of the talents involved volunteered their time and services and were not paid.

Chow said that the lyrics in the song are a reflection of the qualities that made the late Mr Nathan such a memorable head of state.

"It's hard to write a song about a president who had so many accolades," he says. "But he understood us, he knew where he came from, he was our guardian, in a sense. He had a deep faith in the country, a firm and gentle voice, and he had respect around the world."

Chow had met Mr Nathan and his wife on several occasions and had even played piano for him at a private gathering.

"His favourite song was Anak (by Filipino folk singer and songwriter Freddie Aguilar) and pop ballads like Through The Eyes Of Love (sung by American singer Melissa Manchester)."

Chow was careful to note that A Man Of The People was not a publicity stunt.

"This is not about milking the situation, because someone died. This song is not about us. He meant a lot to me and I hope people will remember and honour him."

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