Loanshark runner harassed debtor's neighbour with raw pork

A technician, who went to work for a loanshark to avoid paying back $34,000, even went to the lengths of harassing a debtor's neighbour with raw pork.

Robin Goh Wee Keat, 31, pleaded guilty on Thursday in a district court to assisting the loanshark and was fined $90,000, jailed for 16 months and ordered to be given three strokes of the cane.

Court papers stated that Goh was unable to make the weekly repayments of $340 to the loan shark identified only as "Calvin". He then agreed to work for the illegal moneylender for a month to clear his debts.

He started work on July 31 and mainly performed ATM transactions to transfer money between bank accounts for "Calvin". On Aug 15, the loan shark called him and told him to throw pork meat at the house of a debtor's neighbour in Jurong West.

At 11am that day, he bought a packet each of pork intestines, minced pork and pig's skin from a supermarket. After committing the offence, Goh snapped a picture of the mess he created and sent it to Calvin.

The police, who had information that Goh was working as a runner for the loanshark, was arrested on Aug 17.

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