Live Your Dream (Ep 1): 'I wish to fly'

Being completely blind, Wan Wai Yee has never seen the skies. Yet she dreams to fly.

SINGAPORE - Have you ever looked up into the sky and wondered "If only, I could fly like a bird?" That, is 44-year-old Wan Wai Yee's dream.

Despite her complete blindness, Wai Yee has achieved what may be next to impossible for most people. Her long list of feats includes the Spartan Race and triathlons, and some of her favourite pastimes include muay thai and rock climbing. She has also starred in theatrical productions.

"Actually you are the best that you think you are," she said. "If you think you cannot do a certain thing then half the battle is already lost."

Such undeterred determination and her positive outlook in life propelled Wai Yee to complete many physically demanding activities even an able-bodied individual may not be able to achieve.

Deeply inspired by Wai Yee, Live Your Dream, a new video series produced by Singapore Press Holdings' Chinese Media Group Digital, decided to fulfil one of her dreams.

The Dream

When approached by the team, Wai Yee requested to experience "something that will enable me to fly".

"Not really flying, but just going as fast as you can," she added sheepishly.

The Question

What activity could give Wai Yee a "flying sensation"? To Ken Low, host of Live Your Dream, that was the biggest question. Ultimately, he decided that ice skating was the best option.

The Problem

When approached by the production team, the largest ice skating school in Singapore The Rink voiced their concerns. Due to safety constraints, people who are visually impaired are required to rent at least a section of the rink should they wish to ice skate. The coaches also have zero experience in guiding visually impaired students on ice.

More importantly, would Wai Yee risk the fall just to know how it feels to fly?

Wai Yee has been defying physical limitations with her determination.  Will her dream continue to defy gravity? Watch the video to find out.

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