inaccessible on Thursday because of server misconfiguration

Business social network site LinkedIn was inaccessible for at least half a day on Thursday, following a snafu by the website's domain service provider, said the company.

In a short update on the company's own page on, the networking site said the website did not fall victim to a hacker attack.

"We have been told by the company that manages our domain that this was due to an error made on their end, not due to malicious activity of any kind," read the post.

"We believe that at no point was any LinkedIn member data compromised in any way."

The professional networking site's domain registrar, American company Network Solutions, posted on its blog on Friday morning, that it was in the midst of solving a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) incident - a kind of cyberattack - on Wednesday when it "inadvertently affected" a "small number" of its customer sites.

The Straits Times understands that customer websites, including, became unavailable because of misconfigured servers by the domain service provider.

Network solutions said that no confidential data, including passwords, credit card information, or cookies, were compromised during the incident.