Let tech experts settle ILS issue, says KL minister

PUTRAJAYA • Allow space for Malaysian and Singaporean technical experts to settle the Seletar Airport Instrument Landing System (ILS) dispute, Malaysia's Transport Minister said.

Mr Anthony Loke said yesterday that Malaysia had already made its position on the matter "very clear", and does not intend to prolong it.

"Enough has been said (on the ILS issue). We have made our point. We have even come up with a video to explain our position. I think it is very clear," he said.

"On any technical considerations, I think I will leave it to the technical experts from both sides to thrash it out," added Mr Loke.

He had been asked to comment on the issue at a news conference at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2.

The issue arose when Malaysia took issue with Singapore issuing new ILS procedures for Seletar Airport that were scheduled to be enforced on Jan 3.

Malaysia sent a protest note to Singapore over the country's intention to use the airspace above Pasir Gudang as a flight path for airplanes landing at Seletar Airport.

Mr Loke had said the limitation on the airspace in Pasir Gudang would affect development in the industrial town, as a building height restriction would have to be imposed.


He noted that Pasir Gudang is located just over 2km away from Seletar Airport.

Singapore has, however, stressed that plans to introduce ILS for Seletar, which will guide pilots landing there with ground instruments instead of relying on their visual assessment, will not pose any safety or security risks to operations at Pasir Gudang Port.

The Singapore authorities have also made clear that ILS will not affect the current height restrictions for planes coming in.

On concerns that port operations at Pasir Gudang could be impacted, experts have pointed out that for more than 30 years, Singapore has managed the nexus between aircraft operations and ships transiting the Johor Strait to Pasir Gudang Port.

Systems such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Vessel Height Measuring System are in place to safeguard both aviation and maritime activities.

For example, flights get held back while tall vessels cross the Strait of Johor.


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