Lee Kuan Yew estate donates Oxley Road furniture, personal belongings to National Heritage Board

A charcoal and ink drawing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew by an unidentified artist. -- PHOTO: STAMFORD LAW
A charcoal and ink drawing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew by an unidentified artist. -- PHOTO: STAMFORD LAW
Office furniture and equipment including a Sitoca desk (centre), a lamp with magnifying glass and a wall-mounted thermometer. -- PHOTO: STAMFORD LAW
A CYC tailored batik shirt with the label “Lee Kuan Yew”. -- PHOTO: STAMFORD LAW
Mr Lee Kuan Yew's mandarin jacket. -- PHOTO: STAMFORD LAW
A brown vinyl bag labelled “L. K. Y.” which was used when Mr Lee Kuan Yew travelled to London in the 1960s. -- PHOTO: STAMFORD LAW

SINGAPORE - Some furniture and personal items belonging to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew have been donated to the National Heritage Board (NHB).

In a statement issued Thursday, it was revealed that the executors and trustees of Mr Lee's estate - daughter Lee Wei Ling and son Lee Hsien Yang - have made a Deed of Gift of some furniture and personal effects from 38 Oxley Road, the address of Mr Lee's home.

Under the Deed of Gift, a number of items owned by Mr Lee and kept in his house hav e been "given for the people of Singapore", the statement read.

These included all the furniture from the dining room, the study room work area desks, including the desk he worked on for many years as well as clothing worn on a number of historic occasions and many other personal effects.

These gifts are being prepared as centrepiece items for the planned major public exhibition at the SG50 Tribute Gallery in August or September this year.

Mr Lee Hsien Yang, younger son of the late Mr Lee, said: "We believe that these items would be of keen public interest and would serve as a very meaningful part of the exhibition.

"In accordance with our late father's last Will and Testament that his house at 38 Oxley Road be demolished, my sister and I, as the executors and trustees of the estate, believe it is only appropriate that some of his personal items of historic importance, that have been used by him at the house, be donated to the NHB for the people of Singapore who honoured him with their love and respect during our recent bereavement."

NHB issued its statement in reply on Thursday night: "The National Museum of Singapore is in the midst of revamping its galleries.

"One gallery in the Museum will be dedicated to the core values and ideals of our founding fathers.

"We welcome all artefacts that will enhance the story of our founding fathers, including the artefacts from on our late Founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

"As for the Deed of Gift, there remains some questions which the National Heritage Board is in the process of clarifying with the executors of the Lee Kuan Yew Estate."

Mr Lee, Singapore's founding father, died at the age of 91 on March 23.

Till then, he had been hospitalised at the Singapore General Hospital for severe pneumonia since Feb 5.


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