Late-night shopping for the first time

Consumers in Singapore had a taste of late-night shopping for the first time when leading department stores extended their hours in the run-up to Christmas in 1965.

Taking the lead was Robinsons, which opened until 10pm. It said it would stay open until this time on all Saturdays until Christmas.

The shop-late scheme was an important service to customers, especially married and working couples who did not have the time to shop together, said the stores.

Robinson retail manager N. Heyworth said: "We are developing late-night shopping here, and we will go all out to make it a success, as it has been in Hong Kong."

He also said that Robinson's subsidiary John Little will extend its hours to 10pm in a three-month trial. If successful, it will become a permanent feature.

CK Tang also had plans to have late-shopping nights during December for the Christmas season.

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