Large amount of heroin seized by CNB in drug bust

Heroin and "ice" seized during the operation by the Central Narcotics Bureau.
Heroin and "ice" seized during the operation by the Central Narcotics Bureau.PHOTO: CENTRAL NARCOTICS BUREAU

SINGAPORE - The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) seized a total of 2.29 kg of heroin and 120g of "ice" (crystal methamphetamine), in a drug bust on Wednesday (April 8).

The operation, which took place at night, resulted in the arrest of two Singaporean men, aged 44 and 41, for suspected drug offences.

The CNB first spotted the older man board a car driven by the 41-year-old suspect in the vicinity of Pipit Road. Shortly after, the 44-year old got off, after which point CNB officers trailed the car after it drove away.

The driver was arrested by CNB officers at a multi-storey carpark near Sembawang Crescent. Around 40 g of heroin was found in the car.

Another party of CNB officers raided the hideout of the other suspect, at a unit near Pipit Road.

The older suspect was then brought to his rented car parked nearby, where the officers found around 2.25kg of heroin in various parts of the vehicle.

He was then taken to his official residential unit near Yishun Street 61, where 120g of crystal meth was found, along with cash amounting to $459.45.

According to statistics released by the CNB, heroin is the second most commonly abused drug in Singapore, with 666 (19 per cent) of the 3,524 drug abusers nabbed last year brought in for heroin-related drug crimes.

Methamphetamine, the most abused drug in the country, was the cause of 63 per cent of all drug arrests last year.


The large amount of heroin seized on Wednesday would have been sufficient to feed the addiction of about 1,090 drug abusers for a week.

Investigations into the drug activities of both suspects are ongoing.

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, anyone found with more than 15g of diamorphine, or pure heroin, could face the death penalty.