Labs launched at NUS to test-bed smart, green technologies

SINGAPORE- Two new research laboratories launched on Tuesday (March 22) will study smart technologies to improve the quality of life for Singaporeans.

The labs are a partnership between the National University of Singapore(NUS) and property developer City Developments Limited (CDL).

CDL donated a total of $2.25 million to set up the labs and support research programmes under them.

The labs will test technologies to help build homes that are more energy efficient and tackle other challenges unique to Singapore's tropical urban environment.

The NUS-CDL Smart Green Home, for instance, will look at including soothing sounds such as that of a breeze, to minimise noise pollution from outdoor environments. Among others, it will have filters built on wall facades to reduce haze pollution indoors.

Designed as a full-size apartment of about 100 sq m, the Smart Green Home facility will be completed by December 2017.

As for the NUS-CDL Tropical Technologies Laboratory to be completed by December 2016, it will look at how to maximise the amount of energy obtained through solar panels by installing them on windows or vertical walls, among others.

Both labs will be housed on the NUS campus.

During the launch, Senior Minister of State Desmond Lee (Home Affairs and National Development) said green buildings are the "building blocks" for a sustainable Singapore, adding that the solutions tested in these labs can translate into smart green buildings of the future.

"As a small island city-state, we face acute resource constraints and therefore, sustainable development and prudent use of our limited resources have always been important national priorities," said Mr Lee.