Kind taxi driver knocks on over 20 doors to find owner of bag left in his car

Transcab driver Oh Kim Beng, who went the extra mile to locate a passenger and return his bag. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - A taxi driver went the extra mile by knocking on the doors of over 20 units at a condominium to find a 13-year-old boy who had left a bag in his cab.

Unable to locate the teenager, the Transcab driver, identified as Mr Oh Kim Beng, left after about half an hour of searching, Shin Min Daily News reported on Monday.

But he finally managed to return the bag when the family contacted his company.

The teenager had boarded the taxi on April 10 at Changi Airport with his family from Australia. They were planning to spend a week in Singapore visiting relatives, reported Shin Min.

The family of four alighted at their relatives' condominium in West Coast. Mr Oh told Shin Min he did not notice the bag which was left on the floor of the backseat as it was quite dark in the underground carpark. He spotted it only after he had left the carpark.

He immediately turned back, and decided to try his luck by knocking the doors of the units at the condominium. But he had to leave after more than half an hour of trying because the driver taking over his shift was waiting.

Fortunately, the family managed to get in touch with his company, and he returned the bag containing a laptop and some belongings to the teenager the next day.

For his kind gesture, the family gave the driver $50 to thank him. The teenager's uncle also shared the good deed on his Facebook page.

The taxi driver, who has 30 years of experience, was quoted by Shin Min as saying: " It's quite common for passengers to leave their things behind. I always try my best to return the items to them. I am only doing my part."

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