Jurong West condominium residents experience serial vandalism

For more than a year, residents at The Centris condominium in Jurong West thought that the screws they found stuck in their tyres had come from driving on roads.

That is, until they found out that some of their neighbours had suffered the same fate, and realised it had been done deliberately.

At least 40 residents have had their cars vandalised in the condo's private carpark, mostly involving screws being driven into the tyres of their vehicles.

Despite more closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras being installed about two weeks ago, the incidents - which include cases of smashed headlights, scratched cars and glue on car bonnets - have not stopped.

In the past two months, such vandalism has been rampant, said the residents, who wanted to remain anonymous because they feared possible reprisals.

A month ago, the residents, who have lodged separate police reports, took their woes to Jurong Point Shopping Centre's management, which oversees the carpark. The condo, which has 610 units, is located above the mall.

"The last thing we want is for someone to have an accident because of this. Many of us here have young children," said one resident in his 40s, adding that his fellow residents also shared similar concerns over safety.

Another resident has been compiling a list of those affected. As of last month, he had more than 40 victims on his list.

It was in April, during the condo management's annual general meeting, that the residents realised how serious the problem was. They found out that several residents experienced an average of three incidents of vandalism.

One resident, who found a screw in his tyre twice this year, said: "The second time it happened, I was driving with my young daughter when the whole car started to shake. That was how I found out."

Another resident, who is in his 30s, said that this has happened to him six times.

"It is very frustrating when you have urgent things to do and you can't use the car. There is really nothing I can do except check my tyres every morning," he said.

Ms Lynette Lee, senior marketing communications manager of Jurong Point, said the number of CCTV cameras within the carpark has been increased, and that more security staff now patrol the area, especially at night. More lights have also been installed.

The mall is also working with the police to "eliminate property damage", she said.

But residents said that even after the installation of the cameras two weeks ago, three cars were vandalised.

The police confirmed that they are looking into the matter.


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