Jurong Bird Park relaunches Waterfall Aviary with new viewing terrace

Jurong Bird Park relaunched its Waterfall Aviary on Thursday with new species of endangered birds and a viewing terrace for visitors and for private events.

The refurbished 43-year-old aviary, which has hosted famous people like Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, is home to at-risk sun conures from South America and common crowned pigeons from Papua. In total, it has more than 600 birds from about 50 species.

A viewing terrace has also replaced the now defunct panorail station within the aviary.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of State for National Development Desmond Lee said that he hoped more people would visit the Bird Park - Asia's largest - to be reminded of the rich biodiversity in the world.

"Inspiring our young to care about the environment and wildlife is an important endeavour," he said.

People's Association (PA) and Wildlife Reserves Singapore will also soon be rolling out package tours for heartland residents to visit the attraction.

Jurong Bird Park receives about 800,000 visitors each year.