Jubilee Walk of 25 historical and modern Singapore icons to be launched on Nov 29

Ministers Yaacob Ibrahim and Lawrence Wong at a MCCY- MCI joint National Day Observance Ceremony.
Ministers Yaacob Ibrahim and Lawrence Wong at a MCCY- MCI joint National Day Observance Ceremony.ST PHOTO: AUDREY TAN

SINGAPORE - A Jubilee Walk which will cover 25 historic and iconic sites in and around the Republic's Civic District will be launched on Nov 29, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) Lawrence Wong said on Thursday.

The walk is essentially a 8km-long trail that will take participants to historical places such as the Padang, where the people of Singapore gathered to mark the end of the Japanese Occupation on Sept 12, 1945; the National Museum of Singapore, the country's first purpose-built museum; and the colourful Old Hill Street Police Station -the largest Government building when it was first built in 1934.

Unlike heritage trails, the Jubilee Walk will also take participants to modern-day Singapore icons such as Gardens by the Bay, the National Gallery of Singapore and the Helix Bridge - newer additions to Singapore's cityscape.

The aim is to provide a commemorative trail that connects the past, present and future elements of the Singapore story during the country's golden jubilee.

The trail will be launched together with the 5km SG50 Jubilee Big Walk, an event jointly presented by The New Paper and the People's Association.

In conjunction with the trail, the Big Walk will kick off from the National Museum of Singapore, and end at the Gardens by the Bay.

"The walk covers 25 historic and iconic sites which traces the milestones of our history and represents our aspirations for the future," said Mr Wong.

"(It) will end off in the venue where we'll be having an exhibition on Singapore's future... to show what life could be like in the coming decades, and highlight the hopes and aspirations of Singaporeans for our next 50 years... So I think this would be a fitting round-up to our SG50 celebrations."

The public will be able to view the exhibition at Gardens by the Bay from December to March.

Mr Wong was giving an update to the Jubilee Walk, first announced in March during the Committee of Supply debate. He was speaking on Thursday at a MCCY- Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) joint National Day Observance Ceremony.

During the event, Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim also spoke on his ministry's future plans , which include improving how the Government carries out public communications.

This includes using tools to collect data from audiences so as to better understand the different audience segments, so "we can communicate in a way that resonates with them", Dr Yaacob said, citing the example of the short, catchy videos on the Pioneer Generation Package that were rolled out in different languages and dialects.

He added: "Today, we serve a diverse public that is more educated, with complex needs and greater expectations of Government.

"Therefore Government communications professionals and policy makers must work together as one, to better understand the need of citizens, and communicate programmes and policies using a Whole-of-Government approach."

Both ministers also paid tribute to Singapore's leaders and pioneers, including the Republic's founding prime minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and attributed Singapore's present success to their sacrifices and hard work.

Mr Wong said: "So much of what we have today is due to our founding leaders and pioneers. They made tremendous sacrifices and worked hard for a Singaporean Singapore - a country that does not belong to any single community but to all of us."