Jailed for punching cabby, cop and mischief

A man was sentenced to five weeks' jail on Thursday for punching a taxi driver and a police officer as well as for mischief.

Rajiv Shukvir, 24, who admitted to three of four charges, was ordered to pay $416 compensation to ComfortDelGro for damaging a taxi door handle which he had forcefully pulled.

A district court heard that Rajiv, who had been drinking with friends at Clarke Quay, flagged Mr Yeo Teck Huat's taxi along River Valley Road at about 2.30am on Dec 1, last year.

After entering the taxi, he behaved aggressively and assaulted the 53-year-old driver who sounded his horn.

Rajiv then went to the taxi behind. The cabby had seen what had happened and locked his taxi doors.

When Rajiv could not open the door, he forcefully pulled on the handle, causing it to be dislodged.

He then approached Mr Yeo who was standing at the back of his taxi and punched him several times in the face.

There was a scuffle. Just then, some cops arrived and separated them. Inspector Eugene Sim Wei Leong, 28, told Rajiv to sit but he insisted on standing up.

Subsequently, Rajiv threw a punch on Insp Sim's left jaw. Necessary force was then used to pin him down. He was arrested.

The judge, who took another charge of hurting Mr Yeo into consideration, allowed Rajiv to start his sentence on Sept 5.

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