It's a wrap! 2014: Top 10 Internet memes that can make you LOL again

SINGAPORE - Funny, wacky, or a tad nasty.

Here's a fun look at what made headlines in 2014, with - what else? - the best memes of the year.

1. Jover Chewed up by netizens


Everyone thought British expat Anton Casey was going to be the local villain of 2014 - until the Sim Lim Square mobile shop owner showed up. Jover Chew leaps into the No. 1 spot for making a Vietnamese tourist cry, kneel down and beg.


2. Cheer up Andy, you're rich


A well-intentioned anti-gambling World Cup ad that backfired. But hey, it got the National Council on Problem Gambling more publicity than it could imagine. And moral of the story? Always back Andy's dad.




3. The Oscar Wefie

At just under 3.4 million retweets, host Ellen DeGeneres' super group selfie with a host of Hollywood stars at the Oscars is the most RTed tweet of all time - by a mile. Naturally, a deluge of memes ensued.


4. Kim Kardashian's derrière


Kim K's infamous cover photo on Paper magazine was supposed to break the Internet. The parodies it spawned were pretty side-splitting, that's for sure.


5. Luis Suarez's bite


The Uruguayan striker wasn't thinking clearly - although he looked hungry - when he took a huge chomp out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup.


6. Grow, grass, grow


Is it a football pitch or a sand pit? The good folks at our new National Stadium are probably still trying to figure that out.

7. The great (lightsaber) debate


While Star Wars geeks were having a field day dissing or defending the oddly designed lightsaber in The Force Awaken's trailer, the trolls were busy coming up with their own versions - each more outlandish than the last.


8. Criminally handsome felon's mugshot

Californian baddie Jeremy Meeks, 30, was arrested in June on weapons and gang charges. And he went on to capture the hearts of many with his smouldering good looks and pretty blue eyes. Who says you can't look hot in a mug shot? He has reportedly signed a modelling contract. The memes must have inspired someone.


9. Can't Let It Go


Hands up if you're a long-suffering parent having to watch the hit Disney film Frozen (or hear its theme song) for the millionth time. Hopefully, these memes can help you let go of some of the pain - before it starts all over again with Frozen 2.


10. World Cup host Brazil's 7-1 humiliation at the hands of Germany


Losing's no shame, but not when you leak in a shocking seven goals like the Samba Stars did in July. Anger and pity quickly gave way to amusement when the meme floodgates opened.


Photos: AFP, Twitter, Imgur, Reddit, TNP, Sgag, Starhub, Mr Brown

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