Intercontinental Hotel restaurant shut over possible link with food poisoning cases

The National Environmental Agency (NEA) has suspended the operations of a Chinese restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel on Thursday after more than 200 suspected cases of food poisoning linked to the restaurant were reported.

The Ministry of Health and the NEA, in a statement, said they are investigating five wedding and company functions which the hotel's Man Fu Yuan Restaurant had catered for. The functions were all held in late December.

The first incident was reported to authorities on Dec 29 last year.

Patrons affected experienced symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting and fever but none were hospitalised.

Three joint inspections of the premises have been done and investigations into the cause of the food poisoning and how it spread are ongoing.

The rest of the restaurants and kitchens serving food at the hotel are also being inspected as a precautionary measure, the statement added.

Other food outlets at the hotel not linked to the food poisoning incidents have been allowed to operate.

The suspension of the Man Fu Yuan restaurant will be lifted when authorities can establish that there is "no further risk of transmission to members of the public and hotel guests.".

It added that the NEA will work with the operator to review food preparation processes, its food supply chain and food handling practices of its food handlers.

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