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Causes Week 2017: Inter-generational helping a two-way street

The two causes spotlighted today are a testament to how inter-generational helping is a two-way street.

A 72-year-old is teaching special needs children to cycle, while a group set up by young people is helping elderly residents who have been relocated from Dakota Crescent to nearby Cassia Crescent.

For me, Saturday mornings are usually spent in bed, not helping the elderly with their groceries and taking them out for lunch like what the volunteers of the Cassia Resettlement Team do.

These elderly residents, many of whom live alone in one-and two-room rental flats in Cassia, face issues such as poverty and have various chronic health conditions.

Helping this group with their daily tasks may not be the most exciting cause, yet it is the small things that improve their quality of life.

The work is also no less difficult, and the team took weeks to earn the trust of the residents.

Such work is important as Singapore continues to age in the coming decades.


The work deserves greater recognition and, hopefully, more people will be motivated to wake up early for a good cause.

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