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Little #shenmomo celebrating his first NDP! He was such a darling! I thought he might fall asleep midway through the show but I was wrong! He was super excited and very attentive when watching the whole parade! Loved his expression when he first experienced fireworks. Luckily we bought him an ear muffler for the loud fighter jets display and fireworks! Happy National Day everyone, We Are Singapore!


How much do I love my country?

Enough to volunteer with the Singapore Armed Forces. As a volunteer, we don't do as much as the national service (NS) boys. We don't go through three months of BMT (Basic Military Training). All we have is two weeks of BT (Basic Training) where we learn basic soldiering skills including weapons handling and marching drills, where we get a taste of what the NS boys actually go through. According to your vocation, you then proceed to the next phase of training termed the Qualification Training (1 week), after which you may be deployed!


Lately I've been spending a lot of time with international students. I've met people from far-flung corners of the globe and I've been so happy to listen to their experiences, learn about their cultures and about them as individuals. What I've realised is that I've only been able to do this because Singapore has always welcomed diversity. The fact that these students picked Singapore over any other destination speaks volumes about the kind of nation Singapore is, and aspires to be.

Happy birthday, Singapore. Thank you for allowing many families like mine to live and prosper on your little island. Hope you continue to find strength in diversity.

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