Ikea Singapore meatballs do not have horse meat; removed from shelves temporarily

There is no horse meat in the Swedish meatballs sold at furniture retailer Ikea in Singapore. The meatballs in Singapore contain beef and pork from Australia, while the halal line of meatballs contain chicken and beef from Brazil and Australia.

Despite this, Ikea Singapore said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon that as a "precautionary measure" it has temporarily stopped the sales of their meatballs, pending results of DNA test on the product.

The meatballs are being tested for indications of horse meat, and the test results are expected to be released in the middle of next week.

The Czech State Veterinary Administration said on Monday that it detected horse meat in meatballs labelled as beef and pork imported to the country by Ikea. Those meatballs were made in Sweden. The meatballs sold in Singapore are not produced by the affected suppliers, said the statement.