Hundreds queue for iPhone X at Orchard Road Apple store ahead of Friday's launch

Hundreds queue for the iPhone X at Orchard Road Apple store. ST VIDEO: JONATHAN CHOO
The queue for the new iPhone X outside the Apple store on Orchard Road on Nov 2, 2017.
The queue for the new iPhone X outside the Apple store on Orchard Road on Nov 2, 2017.ST PHOTO: JONATHAN CHOO

SINGAPORE - Hundreds of people descended upon the Apple store along Orchard Road on Thursday (Nov 2), a day ahead of the launch of the latest iPhone X.

First in line was homemaker Madam Ila Ahmad, 52, who was queueing with her son Jai, 19, a full-time national serviceman.

They had come prepared with sleeping bags, mineral water and packets of nasi lemak.

Having arrived at 6.30am, they stood around waiting before a queue was officially formed at about 5pm.

Sales officially start at 8am on Friday (Nov 3), and Madam Ila said buyers have to be physically there which is why she cannot go home to sleep.

"Since we want it, we have to follow the procedure."

She and her son intended to get two phones each - the maximum number allowed per buyer - for him and his two other friends.

"It's the 10-year anniversary and my son is an Apple fan," she explained.

However, as the crowd swelled, Apple staff members had to step in to control eager fans.

Madam Ila said that when the Apple staff were organising the queue, people started rushing forward and pushing. She was lucky to be in the right spot at the right time, she added.

"Even the management could not control them. There were people shouting," said Madam Ila. "All the buyers wanted the items so much."

Customer service executive Jay Singh, 25, was passing by at about 5.30pm when he saw the queue.

"I saw a whole bunch of people pushing, and people were shouting and screaming. There were security staff around, and I think Apple staff were trying to organise a queue."

He added that there were people who had come with luggage.

The crowd had decreased by the time he passed by again at 10.15pm.

Mr Singh said: "If you look at the bigger picture, it will be easier to get it (the iPhone X) after a month or two. It's just the first day craze."