How much COV did you pay? Pin it on our interactive map

The median cash premium paid for a Housing Board resale flat fell to zero in February 2014, down from $3,000 in January, according to Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX) flash figures on Thursday.

This was the lowest median cash over valuation (COV) figure since SRX records began in 2006.

How much COV did you pay for your flat? Tell us by contributing to our interactive map here:

Here are the steps needed to contribute to our map:

1. Click here to access the map.

2. Locate your HDB flat on the map by panning and zooming in, or by typing your postal code in the search bar.

3. Click on the marker icon below the search bar, as shown here:

4. Click on your HDB flat.

5. In the pop-up box, type in your block number and road name in the title box, and your COV and date of purchase, as shown here:

6. Click "Save", close the window and you're done!

We look forward to your contributions! Thank you for participating!

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