How do you tell the gurus from the "gundus"? National Library Board has the answer

The National Library Board has launched an initiative to help the public better navigate the deluge of information and distinguish trustworthy sources from non-trustworthy ones.

Called S.U.R.E, the Board is sharing four easy steps: Source ,Understand, Research and Evaluate.

"In this digital age, it is increasingly important to know how to distinguish between fact, fiction and opinion, be it from online sources or word-of-mouth info," said Mrs Elaine Ng, chief executive of the National Library Board (NLB).

The S.U.R.E method has already been tested in enrichment clubs in 24 schools and feedback has been positive so far, Mrs Ng added.

As part of the S.U.R.E campaign, fun messages such as "how do you tell the gurus from the gundus?" will be displayed at bus stops and news stands, reminding the public the importance of information literacy.

Workshops on information literacy will also be held in various public libraries from October to December. In line with its push to make information literacy an entertaining subject, the NHB has also commissioned a set of "Mr Kiasu" comics for the campaign. The comics will be officially launched in December and available only to those who participate in NLB's information literacy activities.

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