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How can you play a part in tracing the roots of the early Chinese community in Singapore?

Do your part for historical scholarship by helping to enrich the annotated version of Song Ong Siang’s classic historical text, "One Hundred Years’ History of the Chinese in Singapore".

First published in 1923, the book is a 20th century history classic and key primary source on colonial Singapore. It is often referred to by researchers as well as individuals who want to trace their family history.

Commissioned by the National Library Board, the Singapore Heritage Society produced an annotated version of the original book - which is now out of print - to include detailed annotations of sources, notes discrepancies and more recent scholarship on the lives and times of various personalities mentioned in the original version.   

From now until end of August, members of the public are invited to contribute and share materials online, such as photographs and/or fresh information from trusted sources that can enrich this classic.

This will provide current and future generations with a comprehensive picture on the early history of Chinese in Singapore. 

The book is also available online at the National Library’s BookSG portal.

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