Home Briefs: NEA to study e-waste management

NEA to study e-waste management

The National Environment Agency (NEA) called a tender yesterday to conduct a study on the collection, recycling and management of electrical and electronic waste (e-waste).

E-waste can contain valuable and scarce materials, as well as small amounts of hazardous substances which may pose pollution and health concerns.

The study will include conducting a survey of the entire e-waste collection and recycling value chain, including the final treatment and disposal of the waste.

The tender closes at 4pm on Nov 5. The study is expected to start in December and be completed by the end of next year.

Two chefs fined for taking bribes

Two hotel chefs were fined and ordered to pay penalties yesterday for accepting bribes from a bakery owner in return for continuing to place orders with the bakery.

Chow Pak Chow, 55, was fined a total of $12,000 and ordered to pay a penalty of $14,240 - the total amount of bribes he took from Mr Simon Tay Kong Beng, the owner of Baker's Heaven.

Chow was then a chef at the Sun Cafe in Hotel Grand Pacific.

Patrick Yeo Teck Gin, 48, who was an executive chef at Bayview Hotel, was fined a total of $6,000 and ordered to pay a penalty of $5,255.

He accepted the bribes from Mr Tay's wife, Madam Koh Li Li, sales manager of Baker's Heaven.

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