Heng Chee How condemns alleged physical abuse of worker at IT company

Physical abuse of workers by their bosses cannot be condoned in Singapore, said NTUC deputy Secretary-General Heng Chee How in a post on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

He was speaking out against a supervisor of software company Encore eServices who was filmed hitting his employee. The video was posted on Youtube and was reported in the media earlier this week.

Mr Heng said the incident is a "stark reminder of the need to protect the rights and fight for decent treatment of workers, both rank-and-file and professionals, managers and executives".

He said: "Beating up workers clearly crosses the line. Such boorish workplace behaviour cannot be condoned in Singapore. I urge the Police and the Ministry of Manpower to investigate the case thoroughly, help the victim seek recourse, and press for deterrent action against the culprit."

The alleged abuse of the male employee came to light in a 17-second video uploaded on YouTube last Friday. It shows a man continually hitting the head of his younger subordinate and using vulgar language on him.

According to Chinese language newspaper Shin Min, the victim is a 29-year-old university graduate, who was also an intern.

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