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Triathlete Sara Ng: Wild heart seeking adventures

That is important to triathlete Sara Ng, apart from an indomitable will and humility

Lawyer Sara Ng trains and races by "feel". She also does parkour and primal movement training.
Lawyer Sara Ng trains and races by "feel". She also does parkour and primal movement training. ST PHOTO: CHEW SENG KIM

Q What is your secret to looking fabulous?

A I don't think I look fabulous but training and competing in triath- lon events definitely help me feel fabulous.

I always try to ensure that I enjoy what I do, be it my job or training, and that goes a long way.

Q Has there ever been a time when you were not fit and fab?

A I've been involved in sports since I was a child. But I started taking endurance training seriously only when I was in junior college.

Q What is your diet like?

A I don't have strict rules. I eat as healthily as I can and ensure that I have enough whole grains, fruit and vegetables, and lots of water. It helps that I neither have a sweet tooth nor a liking for strong flavours.

Q What are your indulgences?

A Food is not my thing. For me, indulgences are those of time, such as spending hours reading a book or just writing.

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    Age: 26

    Height: 1.68m

    Weight: 52kg

    Ms Ng is a triathlete who also does parkour and primal movement training.

    Parkour comprises climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping and rolling. Primal movement prioritises basic, natural movements like crawling.

    The lawyer, who is single, has taken part in at least 50 triathlons. Her next major race is the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in September in Tennesse in the United States. She is addicted to racing, though her working parents and younger brother consider her fitness routine "too extreme".

Q How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

A I'm very fortunate to have bosses who are very supportive of my triathlon pursuits. I get time off to travel overseas for races and sufficient time to put in hours of training before and after work.

I relax by watching movies, reading and spending time with friends.

Q What are the three most important things in your life?

A A wild heart that seeks adventures and challenges, an indom- itable will and, most importantly, a very large dose of humility.

Q What are your favourite and least favourite parts of your body?

A I think my body parts are all important in helping me do what I need to do, in terms of training and racing.

Q What are your must-dos before and after a race?

A I always do visualisation exercises before a race and I always write a reflection post-race. I train and race by "feel". I don't like to be distracted by numbers.

Q How important is it for you to keep up with your fitness routine?

A Now that I don't see it as merely a routine, it's become a big part of my life. When I don't train, I feel lethargic throughout the day.

Q What is the most extreme thing you have done in the name of fitness or diet?

A I don't think I've done anything extreme. However, my friends may beg to differ.

Q How extensive is your collection of sports-related paraphernalia?

A I am very much a minimalist and I don't feel an overwhelming attachment to material things.

I have accumulated a rather extensive stash of medals and trophies but I would give them away in a heartbeat.

Q Would you go for plastic surgery?

A Nope, I don't think it's necessary.

Q Do you think you're sexy?

A Nope.

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