Still clueless about the Pioneer Generation Package? Try figuring it out in Hokkien

To help older non-English speaking Singaporeans make sense of the Pioneer Generation Package, the Government is speaking their language - by producing a Hokkien video clip to publicise the benefits of the package.

The four-minute clip shows a fortune teller dishing out advice to an old woman who was worried about medical expenses. She was told the package, which will benefit about 450,000 Singaporean pioneers, will go a long way in helping her cope with medical costs.

The package is targeted at Singaporeans who are 65 and older this year and who became citizens before 1987. Key measures include annual Medisave top-ups ranging from $200 to $800 a year, a special subsidy for their MediShield Life premiums, and higher subsidies at specialist outpatient clinics.

But many people are still unaware of the benefits, prompting calls for the Government to step up its communication efforts. Here's the video clip:

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