ST is taking questions on MediShield Life

MANY questions have been asked about MediShield Life since more details about the scheme were released last week, and The Straits Times is here to help.

Send your questions to, and we will do our best to answer the most commonly-asked ones.

For instance, what will happen if you don't have MediShield now? How do you sign up for MediShield Life?

The answer: You will automatically be included when MediShield Life starts next year.

Or what if you prefer to stay in a private hospital? Will you still be covered by MediShield Life?

The answer: Yes, MediShield Life will cover the amount it would for a B2 patient.

However, while coverage will be higher than it is under MediShield now, it will not pay the bulk of your bill.

If you plan to opt for anything above a class B2 ward, it is best to get an integrated shield plan.

The MediShield Life review committee released more information about the scheme last week, including details on claim limits and co-insurance rates.

In a nutshell, MediShield Life is a compulsory insurance scheme which will replace the existing MediShield.

All Singaporeans will be covered for life, leaving no one without at least basic insurance coverage.

Patients will also be able to make larger claims than before, cushioning the impact of large hospital bills arising from common conditions such as stroke and cancer.