Singapore Budget 2015: Singapore will have a continued supply of obstetricians, says Lam

SINGAPORE - Between 60 and 70 new obstetricians will graduate over the next five years, ensuring that there will be no shortage of obstetric services, said Minister of State for Health Lam Pin Min on Thursday.

He added that Singapore also has enough trained, experienced midwives who are also able to deliver babies in restructured hospitals.

He was responding to a question from Nominated MP Kuik Shiao-Yin, who asked how changes in medical indemnity coverage for doctors could affect the supply of obstetricians.

In February, The Straits Times reported that more than a quarter of obstetricians here said they planned to stop delivering babies within the year following a change in the terms of their insurance plans.

Ms Kuik suggested that the Health Ministry (MOH) provide post-retirement protection for these doctors so that they will continue to practise.

"MOH is discussing with professional leaders and other stakeholders how best to address the issue," Dr Lam said. "MOH will also consider ways to work with relevant parties to minimise impact on services and expectant mothers."

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